Channeled Teachings of “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)

“US” is a group of very loving, supportive non-physical spiritual teachers whose purpose for coming forth at this time is just as their name indicates:

“To unite heaven and earth by activating the Divine Essence from within of all Human Beings”

Their wisdom and teaching are timely as we go through the Great Shift and our own personal “spiritual awakening”. The words spoken in the channelings are not only empowering messages, but activations at very deep cellular levels of our light that allow us, as human beings, to “feel” our Divine Essence from within and thereby being able to integrate it fully into our every thought, word and action of our daily lives here on this earth … creating heaven on earth here and now!

Their vibration is of true joy and love that is intensely felt by all who have been in their presence. They give us the experience in our physical bodies so that we can remember it for ourselves.

Experience the beautiful words and energy of  “US” through  Judith’s “Decade of Light” monthly teleconference channels on the 11th and 22nd of  each month, as well as on special cosmic alignments such as equinoxes, solstices and solar and lunar eclipses.

Join Judith and other Lightholders to hear an empowering message and to receive an energy activation from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth). Each time we gather in a group, the energy is exponentialized for the individual participants as well as for our world. This truly is how we are creating heaven on earth…

 (Please see our Events calendar for a schedule of teleconferences as well as live events.

 Message from “US”… 

“It is about connection… however that connection happens for you. There are many ways to do that even without interaction between two people. There are energetic connections that you bring through many, many lifetimes. Energetic connections are what keep ‘US’ and you knitted together. Whether it be in your matter-oriented 3D world, or our world, which is a very high vibration, very ethereal. It is still about connection. And our connection through our host to you is very important at this time in your evolution. As we bring forth through her apparatus, the words that you hear with your ears and the vibrations and activations of the energy that you will feel within your physical being, it creates a stronger connection, not just with ‘US’ but with yourself and THAT is our purpose! To help connect you with your Divine Source, your Divine Essence, the connection of all that IS. There are many of you who feel disconnected from your Source and even though you may feel that disconnection, you are not! It is not the truth! Your mind may play tricks on you. You may feel very lonely. You may feel empty, but those feelings and thoughts are because of something you have been told, something you have been conditioned to, something you believe, to expect, to think of how things should be. It is because you have been told that, by a parent, a teacher. You may have read it in a romance novel, seen it on the big screen from Hollywood. You have an expectation of what your life should look like and when it doesn’t unfold that way, you feel deflated and disillusioned and disconnected. It is the disconnection you have created in your mind. That is never a reality because the second you decide you want to be connected again, you already are because you are never not connected to your Source. It is only that you have ignored it. You have diverted your attention into many of the behaviours that human beings have adapted for their survival. The pushing away of something they do not understand or that they may not want to embrace.”

In love and Service,
Your Council of Light


There has been a profound shift of energy and transformation for myself, as well as for many people I know that are walking a spiritual and/or healing path and feel the call to serve. There has been a true awakening of our authentic selves and this past few years has been about integrating this energy to facilitate the healing of the earth and all her peoples. There are many of us that know that we are the forerunners and it is important for us to have the sacred space to gather to nurture and support ourselves for the next leg of our journey.

I let my Spirit guide me.
Spirit moves through me.
I watch it dance before me;
To enlighten my way.

I bring it into me;
To move me from within.
Through Joy & Inspiration;
To be the dance of me.
… And so it is.

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