BOOK Reviews:

“I have been reading the book and loving it. So lovely, loving, flowing and enlightening. I haven’t finished it but have the flavor and am highly pleased to be involved in this unfoldment. I imagine myself reading it if I hadn’t met you and I feel it as a great treasure to have discovered. There are so many who want to know “US”! …”Dianne M., Ojai, CA

“I believe you were aware of the impact the words of your book had on me immediately the moment I picked it up at the table outside at Grail Springs. Well, that feeling of immediacy, that “US” was speaking directly to me, has not altered. The words are as immediate and dynamic for me now on my fourth reading as it was the first time I read them. I find I cannot leave the book alone. I carry it with me in my purse wherever I go. And I am usually very, very generous with books and often hand them off to friends but not this time… I am keeping it to myself and very close to me.”… Love Marlene M., Ontario

SESSIONS with Judith Reviews:

“Very, very rarely have I been gifted with the opportunity of meeting a soul as genuine and heart-centred as Judith. I have had the privilege of experiencing Judith’s work through both healing sessions and participating on the calls where the channels were ‘born’. Judith is like a staff, firmly grounded yet still accessing, for any of us who care to benefit, wisdom from heavenly Souls.” …  Carol C., Ontario

Judith Onley

“I have enjoyed Judith’s coaching numerous times as I find she has incredible insight into the challenges I am facing and the limitations that may be holding me back from realizing my true purpose. Judith has helped me to connect on a deep level and activate my inner self, allowing me to gradually open to the peace that lies deep within. Thank you, Judith, for all the sessions!” …with love from Sandra K, British Columbia

“Dear Judith, I know and I feel in the deepest part of my being, in my bones the wisdom and light you speak of, I feel a
stillness that is very pleasing and powerful. Thank you! …”
Sue B., Toronto, ON

“Judith truly helped me get closer to understanding myself and others. I’ve become inspired to make my life more fulfilled and how to go about accomplishing this. … Steve W. Toronto

“Judith… After our call yesterday I had a nice nap. I fell into a free floating, warm sleep. I then had a nice evening out and came home to the same restful sleep. No more tumultuous nights. I feel like I’ve released so much. Am here in my own body, in my own life. I feel freedom and trust. I am thankful to you for helping to lead the way there.” … Barb D., California

“I feel that I came to Grail Springs at this time so I could connect with you, Judith. You helped me so much. I know I have the strength to handle the problems in my life. Just a few days ago I was at a loss on how I was going to live through it all. Thank you.” … Karen S, Toronto, ON

“The time spent in sessions with Judith has been extremely productive. The goals I set, both spoken and subliminal, have been achieved and have become a part of my life. My ability to deflect stress, and not to personalize it, has been enhanced and the result of smoother, more rewarding interpersonal relationships is especially welcomed. Thank you. Judith. Progress is being made in my life. ” … Peter N. California

“It is hard to know where to begin but here is my story of my time with Judith. I have been lost for a very long time. When I say lost I mean lost from my authentic self. I think it started when I had children because my whole world began to be about them. However, I had a very scary experience about 14 years prior to my children that may have been the catalyst. In either case, I shut down the side of myself that was true and connected with things outside myself that I used to be connected with. And in doing this, I lost touch with my soul. Judith has brought me back to myself and to my soul through sessions with her. I am a very down to earth person and not easily swayed however, I have to say she helped me connect to the side that is lost and also to the truth that will help my family move into the future. I came into this venture a true sceptic about what lies beyond our senses.” … Gina B., Nevada City, CA


“I simply want to share how relevant and significant this message is for me. Every bit of it fits right now. I had been spiraling down in the last few weeks and feeling spiritually disconnected and was so uncomfortable with that. I read this message and started saying and feeling LOVE AND LIGHT! It is amazing how things are shifting in the last two days. I feel so much clearer and speak with so much clarity to express myself. I thank you for the messages, and am thankful and grateful to have crossed you on my path in the fall.” … Warm regards, Lynne L., Ontario

“Your newsletters mean the world to me!! The information you’ve channeled has been so right on and I’m so excited to be welcoming in the changes. People who I thought were lifelong friends have been removed from my life, changes in my business have been made, and the new abundance is coming in. I would have never thought that the people that have moved on would be going. But I can’t tell you how relieved I am that they needed to go. They were holding me back in ways I would have never seen before without the benefit of US!!
So thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the gifts you are so richly blessed with!! You have blessed me and so many others. I’m proud to be a light worker among our wonderful companions in the animal kingdom; they too ~ the cats, dogs, birds, etc ~ have much to share with their human counterparts. Many blessings to you!!” …. Jane F, California

“Dear Judith… If I ever needed to receive a message, it was this one at this precise time!! I feel as though it were written to & for me exclusively, although I know many others are probably feeling the same way.
I’ve been going through an incredibly trying & difficult time in my life & feeling so utterly alone. I felt that there seemed to be no clear way out. However, this morning I felt a definite shift in the energies surrounding me & within me. I felt joy returning to me, I felt supported in a way previously not known, & I felt that things are improving quickly to even better than before!! I’m not feeling so tapped out that I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I have the answers within, even though what they are I’m not exactly sure yet. I just know all my needs & wants are being taken care of; I feel supported. That’s all I need to know for the time being. And mostly, I’m not alone!!!! Let me tell you, I was sure feeling that way – its a wonderful feeling to know I really am being supported by the energies sent my way. The energy within me is a new one; I have made the conscious decision not to give up. I have been renewed & re-energized!! The message channelled through you has been warmly & happily received. The work continues on in a new, dynamic way for me!! And I’m so very happy & thankful.
So thank you, you clear & wonderful channel for this happy confirmation to what I woke up feeling this morning!!!” … Jane,  San Diego, CA



“Wow and YES! And thank you from the centre of my heart for creating the connections with us and “US”… for the supportive place you have created to share energetic gifts and shifts. With deep gratitude.” … Anita L. Toronto, ON

“Had my first phone teleconference channel with Judith Onley. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect but, in listening to her voice, I felt a certain tenderness for Judith in recognizing her earnestness, one pointedness and caring for others that made me feel nurtured and loved. The depth of her commitment to making this world a better place is awe inspiring.”… Richard C., Ontario

“Thank you for your beautiful light! It was so nice to meet you. I did want to share an experience I had while you were channeling. I came in to the evening carrying an extreme amount of stress in my body. I have been in physical therapy for 2 months to counter-act the effects of that stress. As the channeling started, my head felt incredibly heavy and I was aware that I needed to get out of my head. Towards the end you said, “choose peace for yourself” and as soon as I felt those words, every muscle in my body released! what a beautiful feeling. Thank you for sharing your gifts!” …. Susan C., California

“Hi Judith… I wanted to tell you how calm and safe and how okay I felt joining in and receiving the US message. It was very pleasing to hear your voice. So once again I thank you for your time and for doing what you do and to say I look forward to continuing with our connection.” … Love Marlene, M. Ontario ….p.s. I felt “US” addressed all of my questions and concerns and I feel nicccccce!

“Hi Judith… Thank you very much for sharing this channel with us. It is very timely, just when I needed the encouragement. There was a direct message for me, plus a lot of the other stuff was explained for me. It has validated the subtle knowing I have, and I do celebrate all of this that is opening up for us. Again, thanks, and much blessing…. Barbara B, Parksville, BC
Thank you so much for the amazing experience of your channeling gift, and the heart-warming messages we received. It was truly a blessing, and I’ve felt so many shifts in my energy since that evening. It was lovely to reconnect with you, after our meeting so many years ago. With deepest gratitude.” … Cheryl M., Toronto, ON



“We just completed Judith’s “Your Destiny – Your DO know Who You Are!” retreat and found it very rewarding. She set our minds free to think without pressure in answering the important questions of our lives. We discovered a lot about ourselves and the paths we can follow. It had moments of laughter and those of deep reflection. Anyone desiring to move forward in their spiritual journey should seek Judith out and have her facilitate it. Thank you so much Judith.” … The Ackermans, Ottawa

“As I watched you open the eyes of the people around me to the wonders of there being something greater to life than just ourselves, I think to myself what a wonderful gift you are to the world. I am home now with all the pieces of the puzzle you provided for me during the sessions with you and sit here in the grace and joy of knowing what an amazing experience it is to be alive right now. Thanks for a great week at Grail Springs and I look forward to when we can once again connect. 🙂 Much regard, love and light.” …  Brenda P., Toronto, ON

“A skeptic going in, I participated in three of Judith’ workshops and came to accept the potential power of collective consciousness. Worth exploring.” … Greg Gogan, Former CEO – Canadian Non-Profit, Toronto, ON

“What I appreciated most about Judith’s teachings is that she engages you to verbalize (to yourself alone or to the group) an action plan. I have often embraced the positive intentions of energy healing but failed in implementing them into my daily life. Judith helped focus and specify where to implement the positive change and how to take physical action. Supremely empowering!” … Andrea, Toronto, ON

“Thank you, your lectures were informative and inspirational. Your positive guidance has transformed our lives. The glass is always now half full!” … Derrick K, Toronto, ON