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February 18, 2018 Newsletter “New Energies Are Alchemizing Density”

January 18, 2018 Newsletter “Alignment Energy Amplifying”

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June 17, 2017 “Beneficial Changes are Happening”

May 17, 2017 Newsletter “Big Shifts of Energy and Consciousness”

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¬†March 17, 2017 Newsletter “Rebalancing of Energies”

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January 17, 2017 Newsletter “Transformation on All Levels”

December 16, 2016 Newsletter “Being Transmitters of the New LIGHT Energy”

November 16 2016 Newsletter “The Power of YOU and Higher Consciousness”

October 16, 2016 “Releasing, Transforming, Creating”

September 16 2016 Newsletter “The Freedom of Letting Go”

August 2016 Newsletter “Decisions and New Opportunities”

July 2016 Newsletter ” The Intensities are for Acceleration of Evolution”

June 16 2016 Newsletter “Transformation at a Cellular Level”

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April 16 2016 Newletter “You Have Come Out The Other Side”

March 2016 Newsletter ” Volumes of Wisdom Being Activated”

February 2016 Newsletter “Intensification of Energies”

January 2016 Newsletter “Completion + Wisdom = Freedom”

December 2015 Newsletter “Wrap 2015 Up With Love, Embrace 2016 With JOY!”

November 2015 Newsletter “Your Perceptions Are Changing”

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May 2015 Newsletter “Acclimatizing to Higher Frequency Energies”

April 2015 Newsletter “Holding Your Light in Your New Reality”

March 2015 Newsletter “The LIGHT Stirs It Up!”

February 2015 Newsletter “Energies Coursing Through Your Bodies”

January 2015 Newsletter “Are You Feeling The Shift?”

December 2014 Newsletter “Conscious Creation”

November 2014 Newsletter “Shifting Old Energy”

October 2014 Newsletter “Tension Can Create Spiritual Growth”

September 2014 Newsletter “Unsettled Energies are Catalysts for Change”

August 2014 Newsletter “Emotional Balance in Unsettled Energies”

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June 2014 Newsletter “You Have What It Takes!”

May 2014 Newsletter “Change Takes Courage”

April 2014 Newsletter “Accelerated Transmutation Phase”

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December 2013 Newsletter “Wrapping Up The Old & Beginning The New”

November 2013 Newsletter “Transitions, Changes & The Unknown”

October 2013 Newsletter “Staying in Balance in an Unbalanced World”

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June 2013 Newsletter “Living in the New Energy”

May 2013 Newsletter “Opening Up To More”

April 2013 Newsletter “Going With The Flow With Ease”

March 2013 Newsletter “New Energy Concepts Being Integrated”

February 2013 Newsletter “Being Cocooned”

January 2013 Newsletter-“Benefiting from the New Energies”

December 2012 Newsletter “Alignment of Energies”

November 2012 Newsletter “Dimensional Doorways”

October 2012 Newsletter “Heightened Awareness”

September 2012 Newsletter “Energy Sensitivities”