It’s all about vibration and energy

Grail FallThis is a very exciting day for me as I am FINALLY getting my website done!!  It was over a year and a half ago that it was hacked and I just have not had the motivation or inspiration to get it back up.  This week I now have the desire to create something beautiful and engaging and supportive for all my clients, colleagues and seekers on the path to awakening so that I can share  my experiences and thoughts with.

As I know many of your are experiencing… there is great acceleration and unsettledness in the energy as we move deeper in to the 2012 energy.  So much clearing has happened for all of us who have “consciously” chosen to hold a higher vibration because as you are well aware of, the denser energies that we have carried for ‘who knows how long’ are not conducive to where we are headed energetically… that is a world of peace, harmony, abundance and joy!!

I personally have had to make intense choices regarding what situations I will and will not immerse myself in or people I will engage with, as I choose to do what I feel is necessary to stay in balance and anchor my own “light” energy. And I have to tell you, these have not been easy decisions for me, though I know they were non-negotiable for my well-being.

So I encourage you to acknowledge that part of yourself that knows what is best for you and to honour that in the choices you make through your day.

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