“Your Mastery – Live It Now!”

Channeled teachings of “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)

“So the empowerment of you is a wonderful feeling of ease, of being able to take action through joy, rather than having to force the action, or to create some sort of power over something or someone. That empowerment of you is actually quite gentle. It is what we would call gentle strength which sounds like an oxymoron or a dichotomy but it actually is the intertwining of everything that you are. So as you have that gentle strength from within you, that is your empowerment, Dear Ones. It is about how you put yourself out from the inside to others, how you live your life. Are you making decisions based on external circumstances or on fear? Or are you making decisions based on what you know to be true for you? (Pause)

And again we take that pause, Dear Ones, for the information, for our words, to transfer from that beautiful mind of yours that wants to sort it all out and make sense and to filter it into the body. Take a breath, Dear Ones, and allow your body to feel that, what was just said through the words so that it actually becomes a part of your cells. It can activate through that cellular DNA level so that it just is. There is no more thinking involved, Dear Ones. It is just what it is. It is that empowerment, it is that feeling that you can access at any time you so desire just by saying those words ‘the empowerment of you. You say that to yourself, ‘I am the empowerment of myself! No one else has the key to that. Only I hold the key to my own empowerment.’ And we are going to continue through our words to you to emphasize those words because as the words go through your auditory system into your cellular system, it has a transference because it is a vibration.”


“Your Mastery – Live it Now!”

Your Mastery, Live it Now Cover Based on the “11 Alignment” Telechannel Series
Channeled Teachings and Wisdom from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)
Through Judith Onley

The words and energy transmitted through Judith are an activation of your Divine Essence at a cellular level.  Reading “Your Mastery – Live it Now” will give you a physical experience of what that “feels” like, as well as ways to shift challenging energy and circumstances in your everyday interactions… that is what “Mastery” is all about and you can have the experience of living it NOW!.

Softcover version  $14.95


“I have been reading the book and loving it. So lovely, loving, flowing and enlightening. I haven’t finished it but have the flavor and am highly pleased to be involved in this unfoldment. I imagine myself reading it if I hadn’t met you and I feel it as a great treasure to have discovered. There are so many who want to know “US”!”Dianne M., Ojai, CA


Your Mastery - Live it Now! Booklet“Your Mastery – Live it Now!” – KEY POINTS from the “11 Alignment” Telechannel Series
Channeled Teachings and Wisdom from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)
Through Judith Onley

This is the “Coles Notes” version of “Your Mastery – Live it Now!” It is only 4″x 5″, so you can carry it in your pocket or purse to get that jolt of inspiration when you most need it as you move about your busy life. It only takes a few seconds to re-remember that “feeling” that you are Divine and to anchor in back into your body to handle life’s ups and downs with greater ease and JOY!.

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“I believe you were aware of the impact the words of your book had on me immediately the moment I picked it up at the table outside at Grail Springs. Well, that feeling of immediacy, that “US” was speaking directly to me, has not altered. The words are as immediate and dynamic for me now on my fourth reading as it was the first time I read them. I find I cannot leave the book alone. I carry it with me in my purse wherever I go. And I am usually very, very generous with books and often hand them off to friends but not this time… I am keeping it to myself and very close to me. “
Love Marlene M., Ontario