… brings Spirit into Being by offering  programs and consultations that facilitate the complete integration of  …

Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart

Gifted Intuitive and Channel, Judith Onley, in partnership with “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), dances with Spirit… sharing expansive and life enhancing information empowering you to embrace the incoming energies of our emergent New World.

Judith is the author ofYour Mastery, Live it Now Cover

“Your Mastery – Live It Now!” 

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What is Channeling?   

“Channeling is a gateway between the physical and non-physical realms facilitated through a human being who is willing to speak the words for all to benefit from the teachings and wisdom of the higher realms of enlightenment. It is a blending of these energies for the betterment of humankind through awareness and empowerment.”



“Your newsletters mean the world to me!! The information you’ve channeled has been so right on and I’m so excited to be welcoming in the changes… changes in my business and the new abundance is coming in. Things were holding me back in ways I would have never seen before without the benefit of ‘US’!!  So thank you for sharing the gifts you are so richly blessed with!” … Jane F, California